L.O.E. #DEMO Bb major scale impro in 5/4 time

This demo combines my scale improvisation lesson (see #SCALES – improvise using the major scale) with one of my backing tracks. I’m playing a Bb major scale over a backing track in 5/4 time.
Of course, other combinations are possible. In this video, I try to show what’s possible with only one scale if you follow my improvisation rules presented in LOE 002.
0:22 Improvisation demo: Level 1
2:32 Improvisation demo: Level 3

Impro rules (in short):
Level 1: scale only, always up and down 2 octaves, no notes skipped
Level 3: change direction any time you want, skipping notes before starting a new phrase is ok

Here you can find all my Backing Tracks (aka “The L.O.E. B”):

#SCALES – improvise using the major scale

Let’s work with scales in a creative way. In this video, I’m using a simple C major scale for some improvisations over a chord sequence. Also, you get to know some improvisation rules which might help you develop own musical ideas.


0:00 Practise in a creative way

0:33 Scale basics – preparation

0:57 Example A: C major scale, from 2 to 6 notes per beat

1:55 Example B: C major scale, various rhythmic patterns

3:25 Impro Level 1 – rules

4:08 Impro Level 1 – demonstration

5:30 Impro Level 2 – rules

6:17 Impro Level 2 – demonstration

8:14 Impro Level 3 – rules

8:40 Impro Level 3 – demonstration

9:43 Impro Level 4 – rules

10:14 Impro Level 4 – demonstration

11:53 Combining scales and backing tracks

topics: major scale, improvisation, phrasing, impro rules

Level: medium/advanced

Instruments: for all instruments

Duration: approx. 13:09 min

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