Tim Teissen – Ökostrom (MiA. Cover)

Ich bin seit Jahren ein Fan der Musik von MiA., daher musste ich endlich mal ein Cover machen. Der im Original punkige Protestsong mit eindringlicher Message wird bei mir aufs Wesentliche reduziert. Ich hoffe, euch gefällt das Ergebnis!
This is my personal take on the song “Oekostrom” by the German band MiA. Its lyrics reflect topics which we all have to deal with, now more than ever, like our ecological footprint, the importance of sustainable development, fair trade, and how each of us could act as a responsible human being. As with all my cover songs, I changed quite a bit, and it’s become a jazzy version in the end. Hope you like it!

Tim Teissen – vocals, all instruments, drum programming

Splitting Measures (4): Splits in 12/8

A 12/8 time signature offers a variety of interesting rhythms. In this lesson, you learn how to play a shuffle groove and other syncopated or near-polyrhythmic grooves.

0:39 – Introduction
1:14 – The magic of 12
2:16 – Exercise 10: Simple shuffle groove: 3333
3:02 – Exercise 11: Symmetric splits: 2222222 3333 444 66
4:53 – Half-symmetric splits
5:19 – Exercise 12: The “half-symmetric” split: 33222
6:05 – Exercise 13: The asymmetrical split: 22323
6:47 – A note to exercise 13: 255, 552, 525

topics: rhythm, konnakol, shuffle, blues, polyrhythms

Level: beginner

Instruments: for all instruments

Duration: approx. 7:54 min

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Wexford Carol

Mein musikalischer Weihnachtsgruß 2019: das irische Weihnachtslied “Wexford Carol”, arrangiert für drei Kontrabässe.

A traditional Irish Christmas carol, arranged for three double basses, played, recorded and mixed by Tim Teissen.
Season’s greetings and best wishes for the New Year!