Question & Answer (1): Is there a 5 UNDER 4 polyrhythm?

In my new Q&A video, I’m sharing my thoughts on polyrhythms, notation and rhythmic modulation. And I’m discussion a particular rhythmic problem, which originally was a question of one of my followers.


0:19 – Question: Is there a 5 UNDER 4 polyrhythm?

2:00 – How to draw a 4/4 measure

2:47 – How to draw a 4 over 5 polyrhythm

3:49 – Why 4 over 5 is equal to 5 over 4

4:36 – What is rhythmic modulation?

5:34 – Answer: solution #1

7:12 – Answer: solution #2

8:29 – Example: real 4 over 5 vs. fake 4 over 5


topics: polyrhythms, rhythmic illusion, rhythmic modulation

Level: intermediate

Instruments: for all instruments

Duration: 9:53 min

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Tim Teissen – I Was Just Thinking (Teitur Cover)

Of all the songs the Danish singer-songwriter Teitur Lassen has written, this is probably my favourite. I like all of it: its melodic range, its melancholic lyrics, its perfect structure. It’s a drama told within a few minutes. This is my homage to Teitur’s superb songwriting. Hope you like it!

Tim Teissen – vocals, acoustic guitar
Recorded and mixed by Tim Teissen

Tim Teissen – Vincent (Sarah Connor Cover)

Ich habe an Sarah Connors Song “Vincent” einiges verändert, bis er zu mir passte. Ich hoffe, euch gefällt das Ergebnis!
This is my personal take on the German pop song “Vincent”. I changed quite a bit, and it’s become a fairly soulful version in the end. Hope you like it!

Tim Teissen – vocals, all instruments, drum programming
Arranged, recorded & mixed by Tim Teissen