Exploring the Fingerboard (3): Sharps and flats

In part 3 of my “Exploring the Fingerboard” series, I’m adding sharps and flats to the notes. This helps us exploring the “in-between” positions.
The “next stop” rules (part 1) are necessary to master this episode’s exercises (#5 to #7).

0:56 – sharps
1:21 – Exercise 5: Play the ABC on the A string but add a sharp to every note
2:06 – Exercise 5A: upwards
3:30 – Exercise 5B: down the A string (same fingering)
5:03 – flats
5:58 – Exercise 6: Play the ABC on the G string but add a flat to every note
7:25 – Exercise 7: From E to E on the D string but add a flat to every note
9:08 – enharmonic equivalent


topics: fingerboard orientation, notes, note names, accidental, sharps, flats
Level: beginner
Instruments: double bass
Duration: approx. 10:21 min


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