Fretboard Basics. Part 1: The musical alphabet

This video lesson introduces what I call the “musical alphabet”, i.e. the note names. Next, I’m going to show how to locate the notes on your fretboard (fingerboard).
This video lesson can be applied to all string instruments in Western music (bass, guitar, mandolin etc.). Even on non-fretted instruments (e.g. violin, double bass, cello), you might want to try this approach, since it is basically the same. You can try to imagine (or visualize) frets in order to locate the notes on the fingerboard. Notes that are 2 “frets” apart, then, are further apart than notes on neighbouring frets. Consequently, the distance from D to E is almost twice as big as from E to F.
This video lesson closes with three exercises.

topics: fretboard, note names
Level: basic
Instruments: all Western string instruments
Duration: 11 min


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