Splitting Measures (6) – Splits in 5/4

A 5/4 time signature is fun to play! Songs like Sting’s “Seven Days” or the “Mission Impossible Theme” are in 5/4. In this lesson, you learn rhythms on the 8th note as well as on the 16th note subdivision level.


0:00 Odd time

0:25 Subdivisions in 5/4

1:29 Exercise 19: Symmetric splits: 55, 44444, 5555

3:42 “sort of” symmetric splits

4:20 Exercise 20: “sort of symmetric splits: 55, 3232, 2323

5:47 Asymmetrical splits

6:33 Exercise 21: Asymmetrical splits: 3322, 3322 3322, 33332222, 6662

8:23 Final thoughts

topics: rhythm, konnakol, polyrhythms, odd meter

Level: beginner

Instruments: for all instruments

Duration: approx. 9:11 min

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